Starting a new business and defining its brand is a tedious process.

September 24, 2020

Before starting a new business, research its competition and understand its niche market. You should know why you are offering a product and how you intend your products to be.

Name Search

The first critical step when starting a new business is a Name search. Consider a creative name that conveys your business message effectively. Come up with a list of names and choose the one that perfectly portrays your brand.

Before settling on a specific name, you should carry out a trademark search to check the name’s availability. You can choose to search a trademark database on your own or better hire an expert who will help you choose the best business name.

Another essential factor to consider while selecting the business name is the web domain and social media accounts’ availability.

It is vital that you maintain consistency in the business’s legal name, website name, and social media name. Your business’s name should sound professional and instill confidence in doing business with you.

starting a new business name search

Brand Identity

Now that your name is registered, think about creating your brand. Your brand should stand out among your competitors. It should be easily identifiable.

You need to develop a brand identity system that will help you in managing your brand. A brand is not all about the logo, typography, and color palette but its positioning and message.

Brand identity is the outward expression of a brand. It combines several elements that work together to communicate with the audience and differentiate yourself from competitors.

It includes brand strategy, communication style, logo, color palette, typography, visuals, etc. Ensure the consistency of your brand across all communication channels to make it easily identifiable.

1. Brand Purpose and Positioning

For establishing your brand identity effectively, you should first understand the purpose of your brand and its position in the market. The brand purpose is why your business exists.

Positioning is all about your target audience and competitive advantage. By determining your purpose, you can easily design your logo and choose the best color palette.

2. Market Search

Market research is vital when starting a new business. This will help you understand your customers and competitors. Market research enables you to shift focus from ‘target customers’ to customer persona. It helps you know your customers in different aspects, such as their cultures, personalities, and beliefs.

By understanding your customers, you can efficiently strategize how to make your brand appealing to them.

The market research also helps you know your competitors and your position in the industry. This allows you to establish a brand that stands out from the competition in the industry.

3. Logo

For the logo, design one that is easily recognizable and memorable. You want people to identify your brand when they spot your logo. Your logo should complement and enhance your brand visibility.

Take time to design your logo as it is one aspect of the brand that you will expose to the audience. Create a logo that has an emotional appeal, one that the audience can easily resonate with.

4. Color Palette

Know the meaning of different colors before settling on your color palette. Avoid using many colors, preferably not more than three primary colors. You can easily convey emotions by using a blend of different colors.

In addition to the primary colors, you can also add a few secondary colors to make it more appealing. Play around with colors and make sure that your color palette is inviting and exciting.

 4. Typography

Ensure that your typography is professional and appealing. It is not all about the design of letters and characters but their arrangement, which involves the point size, spacing, line length, etc.

Typography helps to strengthen your brand and create interest in your products. A unique arrangement of letters and characters can improve the look and feel of your brand.

Focus on a beautiful design of letters to make your brand easily likable.

Starting a new business? Seek Help Today.

Starting a new business with a strong and unified brand is critical towards achieving success. Building a brand can be quite challenging. You can have the perfect business plan but mess up on creating your brand. You cannot ignore the impact of brand identity on your product.

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