Pill Creative has developed a fresh brand identity for the logistics company Bigger Picture. Our work encompassed the creation of a new logo, full branding, and a brand-new website.

We kicked off the project by creating a fresh brand identity for Bigger Picture. This included the design of a new logo and a complete branding package.

Bigger Picture operates an AI-powered platform for dock management and carrier scheduling driven by technology, innovation, and progressiveness. Pill Creative has skillfully designed a brand that mirrors these qualities. This new visual identity immediately establishes the tone for Bigger Picture’s standing within the logistics industry.

Pill Creative successfully tackled the task of not only revamping the visual aspects but also developing a brand-new website for Bigger Picture. Our team of web design experts has created a website that not only mirrors the brand identity but also highlights the sophistication of Bigger Picture’s software solutions.

Furthermore, our services extended to the development of a corporate Google Docs template to enhance professional communication and a one-pager for the concise introduction of Bigger Picture’s services.

Strong branding and web design are vital for logistics companies. A well-defined brand communicates reliability, while a user-friendly web design guarantees a smooth experience. These elements set logistics firms apart in a competitive industry, fostering trust and drawing customers.

In summary, Pill Creative’s partnership with Bigger Picture underscores the significance of a complete brand makeover in the logistics sector. By emphasizing branding and digital presence, we’ve established Bigger Picture as a tech-savvy and innovative player. We’re honored to have played a role in this transformation and eagerly anticipate Bigger Picture’s ongoing success in the logistics industry. For any branding and web development requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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